Evolution of the Modern Wedding Ring-Isle of Her

Evolution of the Modern Wedding Ring

Dr Seuss very wisely said, "Why fit in when you were born to stand out?". 

Now, who ever said that can't apply to your Engagement/Wedding Ring too? ;)

This beautifully bespoke blend of an Engagement and Wedding Ring, is the quintessence of what customised jewellery can do for you, and was created for Isle of Her's first ever client - our co-founder, Karishma! :)  

Our Client

If we're honest, Karishma, may be many great things, but one thing she really struggles with is - making decisions! On the plus side, starting out with the toughest 'client' really got us in the groove for dealing with anything a future client could throw at us! (Hint: We can handle anything you need! 😉)

Our Brief

To start off with, Karishma's requirements were fairly simple and two-fold - She wanted a single ring that combined an Engagement ring and a wedding band and she needed something fairly chunky to suit her... 'well-rounded' fingers. It was also very important to her that the ring be practical, durable and something she could comfortably wear on a daily basis. 

The Design Process

A tour of the famous Hatton Garden in London with her fiancé on a long rainy afternoon, sparked the idea for a wide set, design embellished band with a centre stone. Days of trolling through Pinterest (our beloved bestie), helped to further define her idea and formed the basis of the initial design.
Over the next week, back and forth with our design team based in India, and a few rough drawings later, she settled on a 0.7ct Round Brilliant centre stone, which was chunky enough to make a statement but practical enough for daily wear. The centre stone would be surrounded by a halo of diamonds and a decorated leaf designed band with individuall  ..., that would be set with marquis? stones, all in 18K White Gold.
Now armed with a 360 Degree Computer Aided Design ("CAD"), which helped to really visualise the ring, she spent the next few days fine-tuning the design with our design team, to ensure the width of the band was the perfect size, the diamonds that studded the leaf design fell to the right length on the sides of the band. 
With a good chunk of time spent in the design phase, once the 3D wax model was set, it was PERFECT, and went straight into casting. With every piece being handmade to perfection - less than 3 weeks later, a beauty was born! 


Isle of Her Custom Bespoke Design Engagement Wedding Ring

Here's Some Helpful Tips For You!

Every piece of jewellery you own tells a unique story about you so make sure to Take Your Time! 
It may feel a bit awkward, but never feel rushed to make a decision on a design element of your jewellery until you're absolutely sure. The beauty of creating a bespoke or customised piece of jewellery is that it's all about YOU and you're fully in control of the design process!

Looking for more inspiration, check out the rest of our Bespoke Portfolio!

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