The Edelweiss Bridal Beauty-Isle of Her

The Edelweiss Bridal Beauty

Isle of Her Bespoke Bridal Jewellery


It's safe to say, we're suckers for all things weddings and love, and nothing fills us with more joy than being a part of someone's special day or a special milestone. 


A beaming bride is one of the most beautiful things you can witness and this particular bride was true beauty at its best. Designed to match her elegance and beautiful soul, and created to her specific requirements, is this whimsical yet very classically set 3D flower pendant. studded with Illusion set Round Brilliant diamonds and with earrings to match, this bridal jewellery set gracefully shimmered in the gorgeous Tuscan sunshine!

The Client 

This particular project for us was extra special for two reasons; One, Kathrin is one of our nearest and dearest friends with the heart of an angel. Second, she was looking for something she could wear for her wedding ceremony and we couldn't be more honoured to get to be such a special part of the wedding! 


Our Brief

Kathrin had a very clear idea from the start about what she wanted for her bridal jewellery which made our job very simple. With classic, timeless taste, she wanted something elegant that represented and celebrated her Austrian self, and was something that wouldn't just be worn at her wedding. Instead, she was looking for something that could be her go-to jewellery for dinners or events for an effortlessly classy look. 


The Design Process

A proud Austrian at heart, Kathrin was very drawn to the 'Edelweiss' flower, a white flower with woolly, star-shaped petals, which is a well known symbol of Austria with a beautiful symbolism.  

Did you know - originally, the Edelweiss flower could only be found at very high altitudes, up in the Alps where it survived the harshest of winters. That is why this little flower is associated with strength and toughness. It also came to be a symbol of courage, bravery and love; because of how high up the Edelweiss grew. So, if your partner were to bring you an Edelweiss flower, it would mean they have climbed up to a very high altitude to get it!

Could anything be more perfect and symbolic of this fairy tale adventure they were about to begin!?

Fuelled by the romanticism of it all, we designed a 3D pendant emphasising the natural beauty of the Edelweiss flower, whilst keeping it minimal, contemporary and incredibly elegant with earrings to match. Keeping in mind that she didn't want her bridal jewellery to be a one-time wear piece for the wedding, we took the time to play around with the dimensions through the Computer Aided Design ("CAD") until we got it just perfect!

I think we can safely say we got it just right  - based on these pictures, wouldn't you?

Isle of Her Bespoke Bridal Jewellery Flower Pendant Edelweiss


Here's Some Helpful Tips for You!

Bridal jewellery is always a great excuse to go a little OTT, and we're all for it. BUT, it's important to make sure all that money you spend isn't just for your big day and is something that you could always re-use for other events.


It's also a great excuse to play dress up and bring back the fairy tale feel on an impromptu date night! :)

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