Flower Power - Diamond Bangles-Isle of Her

Flower Power - Diamond Bangles

    "Just living is not enough.. one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little (sparkly) flower"
    - Hans Christian Andersen. 


    Okay, we may have slightly tampered with the words of this famous fairy tale author but a little bit of added 'sparkle' to life never hurt anyone. 


    These elegantly lined Diamond Bangles with intricate cluster flower motifs each fall just under 5cts in total, and are very delicately set in White Gold. It's the perfect addition to any look - whether it's glamorous, classic, or modern!


    Designed for a bride to be as a gift from her soon to be mother-in-law, these bangles are a special one for us at Isle of Her. Sometimes, keeping it simple and elegant is what's most important and that's what these do best with no frills and no fuss. Adapting a cluster setting across, each bangle was set with a series of small flowers to add a softness and match the bride to be's love for floral jewellery!

    Here' Some Helpful Tips For You!

    Diamond jewellery, by nature, is all about quality over quantity, so buying fewer pieces that are an easy staple, versatile in use and fitting to various occasions,  goes a much longer way!

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