Rose Gold Romance - Tennis Bracelet-Isle of Her

Rose Gold Romance - Tennis Bracelet

Isle of Her Rose Gold Diamond Bangle Tennis Bracelet


This one, in particular, was one of our favourite pieces to create in the Isle of Her collection. There's something just so innately romantic about Rose Gold isn't there?
Add to that the elegance and timelessness of a Tennis Bracelet and the romance reaches a whole new level!

The Client 

Natalie, a 30 something city professional based in London, reached out to us the day after she'd got a big promotion and bonus at work. She wanted to create something unique and modern that would always serve as a reminder of her achievement and the work she'd put in to get there. If you've followed our brand for a while - you know women buying diamonds to celebrate themselves are our favourite kinds of clients!

Our Brief

Our brief was focused on 3 words - timeless, chic, and unconventional. Natalie loved the idea of a Tennis Bracelet, but was a bit worried that would feel too formal or mature for her age.  However, we were convinced we could take it up a notch and modernise it in a unique way that felt fresh, young and extraordinary. 

The Design Process

Natalie loved the femininity of Rose Gold so that was a clear choice from the start. Inspired by the traditional tennis bracelet, we chose to convert it into a hollowed out, decorated bangle to add a more contemporary, structural and modern feel. This worked out perfectly for her budget as well giving us the option to only line the top half with slightly bigger Princess Cut diamonds (totalling approx. 3.5cts) to increase the impact of the bracelet, whilst maintaining the timeless essence of a tennis bracelet. 
Working together with Natalie throughout the process, what resulted was a piece that was entirely unique to her, and embodied her vibrant personality. Unconventional, modern and timeless - all in one? Yes please!! 
And, that is the beauty of the Bespoke/Custom design process - it gives you the option to work through the random ideas in your head with us to create something that is perfect for YOU, and tells your unique story. 
So whether you're looking for jewellery to go with the perfect Little Black Dress or an evening gown? We've got you! 🙂


Here's Some Helpful Tips For You!

Choosing to go bespoke with your jewellery tends to have a bad rap with being very expensive but that isn't always strictly true.

Whatever your budget, a good jewellery designer (a.k.a. us at Isle of Her 🙂) can work with you to find what's most important and help you tweak the design in ways that can help fit what you're looking to spend.

The key is to communicate openly what you're willing to compromise on and what is absolutely necessary to you. Win-win for all!

 Looking for more inspiration, check out the rest of our Bespoke Portfolio!


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