The Zig Swag Diamond Ring-Isle of Her

The Zig Swag Diamond Ring

Jewellery can sometimes be thought-provoking and philosophical in ways you wouldn't expect.

It's said "Life is designed in such a way - what may sometimes feel like a dead-end, is usually just a hairpin bend", and that's exactly what this stunning 'Zig Swag' ring was designed to represent!

The Client & Our Brief

Our client, Sherin was an older woman with a larger than life personality and this ring was a gift to herself for her 50th birthday, and something she'd wanted for a very long time. The hairpin bend quote was something she liked to say and we used that as our inspiration for the design.  

The Design Process

Looking for a statement piece that would reflect her bold personality and hold meaning to her, we spent 2 weeks working through a number of different ideas. We finally settled on a bold and chunky 'Zig Swag' ring inspired by the hairpin bends, studded with diamonds and set in 18K Yellow Gold for an added statement effect and was a perfect fit for Sherin! It definitely has a way of reminding us that life is an unpredictably wacky mix of ups, downs, twists, and sudden sharp turns when you least expect it - don't you think? :)

Here's Some Helpful Tips For You!

We've said it before, and we'll say it again - there is no right jewellery, only jewellery that is right for you so take a risk and buy something extraordinary once in a while. 
Your jewellery acts as the exclamation point to your outfit, so have fun with it and pick pieces that might be slightly out of your comfort zone - You'll always be glad that you took the gamble!
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