Diamonds and Her-Isle of Her

Diamonds and Her

“A diamond is a chunk of coal that did very well under pressure” – Henry Kissinger 

Diamonds were first discovered in India

Diamonds have come a long way since its discovery in India around the 4th century. They were originally bound by superstitions, spirituality, magic, mystique and divine belief.

They were then believed to be poisonous, but soon thereafter they were worn for protection from evil spirits, or even worn for protection during a war. They were also known to cure the wounded or sick with the magical energy within each stone. 

Diamonds Are Forever

More recently, DeBeers in 1947 claimed that ‘Diamonds are Forever’.

Quite possibly the most acclaimed marketing strategy, changed the significance of diamonds to become an exclusive symbol of love, commitment, and marriage. For decades since then, diamonds have become a token of love that was gifted by a man to a woman to mark various milestones (and sometimes apologies) in their life together. 

However what happens when the norm of traditional marriage goes out of style? Or even the notion that women have to be gifted diamonds becomes a slightly sexist afterthought? The answer is obvious, or at least it should be in this day and age. Here’s what we believe - Women shouldn’t need men to buy them diamonds – they can buy diamonds for themselves! 

It’s possibly obvious that we’ve never been ones to buy into the tradition, and we have several ‘qualms’ with the way diamonds have historically been marketed as a symbol of love, and targeted at the rich and famous or just to men as the buyers. Pfftt..   

The word ‘Diamond’ is originally derived from the Greek word ‘Adamas, which translates to unconquerable and indestructible. It would be hard to argue that doesn’t aptly describe the women of today - breaking barriers, smashing through glass ceilings, demystifying age old traditions and shining bright (you know, just like Rihanna sang it).  

So, here we are, trying to shake things up a bit in the industry in our small way. We’re hoping to shatter the elite status of diamonds and instead, empower women to indulge in diamond jewellery in a more casual, personal and experimental way. We’re hoping we can help women claim back their love for diamond jewellery, without bringing men into the equation.  

So go ahead and treat yourself to those diamonds you’ve been eyeing, and let us help you on that journey of choosing (or designing) something that defines YOU! 

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