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Here's Why You Need a Fine Jewellery Capsule In Your Life!

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“Jewellery is like the perfect spice – it always complements what’s already there” - Diane Von Furstenberg

There’s just something about jewellery — from the most subtle to the most dazzling sparkle — that can make even the barest of outfits feel complete. But if you’re anything like us, it’s always a challenge to find accessories and jewellery that enhance your style without overpowering it.

We’ve always believed it's best to ‘Buy Less but Buy Better’ - and building out a ‘Fine Jewellery Capsule’ is really the best way to do that. Creating a Jewellery Capsule helps you build a minimal collection of pieces that you adore wearing every day and gives you an option to mix and match according to the occasion.

The trick, however, is to fill it with pieces that will stand the test of time.

We’ve all heard that Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but they’re also likely our smartest friend (we all have one). Now, more than ever, we all want fewer but better things that have more emotional value and are built to last. Diamonds and Gold, both carry with them the authenticity, heritage and timelessness, making them smart investments.

With the option to be reset and restyled, buying jewellery set in solid 18K gold and natural diamonds, is a sure shot, time-tested way to smartly invest and build up an heirloom collection to pass on to the next generation! If that isn’t smart adulting… really, what is? 😉

So, what is a Capsule Collection?

A “Capsule” collection emerged as a concept applied to wardrobes in the 1970s and was popularized in the 1980’s as a collection of ‘Essentials’. The notion behind this concept was really to help declutter and focus on core pieces that were smartly curated to offer a timeless style - Think about the staple pieces you have in your closet, your favourite black dress, skinny jeans, a white shirt. These are the core pieces you always turn to and dress up or down depending on the occasion.

Defining your style is the first step to finding jewellery you would like to repeat and works with every aspect of your wardrobe. For example, plain outfits can pop with statement pieces, or you could pair simple and classy jewellery to make an outfit timeless.

With the new, Isle of Her Capsule Collection, our aim is to help you build a jewellery collection that works with your style, is versatile and timeless, filled with a range of ‘wear-everyday’, ‘have-forever’ kind of jewellery. These pieces can be worn day to night, work to weekend, and are all the must-have staples for your jewellery capsule.

How do you build your own capsule collection?

If you’re starting from scratch, focus on getting one piece from each category: one bracelet, one ring, one set of earrings, one necklace and so forth. It never hurts to add a few statements pieces to complete the collection for the days when you just need that something extra!

The Essential Four

Add at least 2 pairs of Earrings
  • Everyday Studs (Delicate): A delicate pair of studs can be worn everyday with literally everything in your wardrobe. They add a subtle shimmer from your jeans to your work blazer

    Try, our Illusion Stud Earrings or our Rose Gold Primrose Earrings


  • Hoops or Huggies: A jewellery staple that we both personally love and think you shouldn't be without. Hoops are comfortable, easy to wear and effortlessly make every outfit seem more chic!

    Try, our Pave Diamond Huggies or our Hex Hoop Earrings

  • Drop Earrings: who doesn't love a pair of delicate drop earnings? Incredibly versatile, these are perfect to pair with a day or night outfit and works for both fun and formal wear.

    Try our Rose Gold Flower Drop or Rose Gold Halo Drop Earrings


  • Statement Earrings: Alongside your everyday stud and hoop earrings, you will want a pair of statement earrings for evenings and special events or just days when you want to unleash your shine. A statement earring will immediately glam up your outfit without adding any bulk. It could also be the perfect accessory to a messy bun and a gorgeous dress.

    Try our Shooting Star Earrings or White Gold 3 Circle Earrings

Add a Necklace
  • Long Necklaces: Choosing a long chain with a single pendant that hangs from the mid-point is another classic jewellery piece that will serve well in your capsule. These are a perfect accessory to plunging necklines, shirts or even with high necks and helps to add a delicate elegance to every outfit with minimal effort.

    Try our Heart of Gold Necklace

    Heart of Gold Diamond Necklace

  • Short Necklaces: It helps to have a classic necklace that adds a timeless, personal touch to your style and suits any outfit

    Try our Rose Gold Infinity Necklace

    Rose Gold Infinity Diamond Necklace

Add a Bracelet
  • Cuff Bracelet / Bangle: A cuff bracelet or a bangle works really well for a slightly more formal look, but we’d definitely suggest saving this for days you’re away from your desk (bangles don’t go so well with typing..!)

    Try our White Gold Diamond Link Bracelet / Bangle

    Add a Ring
    • Stacking Rings: You can mix and match styles, textured bands and plain rings to bring the level of oomphness you want to your outfit - one ring for classic, two rings (or four) for more of a statement.

    • Wrap Around Rings: Unbelievably flattering, and oh so fine, wrap around rings are simply our favourite kinds!

    • Statement or Stud Rings: Not all diamond rings are engagement rings, and these are the perfect examples! Perfect for days, when you’re all set to ‘Carpe the sparkle out of this diem!’

      Try our Butterfly Diamond Stackable Rings, Wrap Around Diamond Ring or Primrose Diamond Ring



    Shop the full Isle of Her Capsule Collection HERE!

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